Either in our restaurant or in your own private en suite kitchen, we can arrange cooking courses, of varying length and complexity, depending on the needs of our guests. Particular attention is given to the Tuscan Cuisine which is mostly a Mediterranean vegetarian based cuisine.

Cooking Classes

We also can teach you how to make homemade pasta, gnocchi and pizza. If the weather is suitable, we accompany the guests to gather herbs and edible flows in the surrounding countryside and in our lush and abundant gardens.

Although the use of the flowers may seem like a step away from local traditions, it is really a way of retracing the paths of popular cuisine, which often simply relied on what nature offered.

At the end of the course, the recipes created are collected in a small notebook and given to all participants. In response to the popularity and flexibility of Italian Tuscan Cuisine, we have also created a few custom themed courses, like for music lovers such as Italian opera, for example, one of our courses “Tuscan Cooking Arias: creating music in the kitchen.”

And given our passion for cooking and creative flexibility we are able to custom create a cooking course for you.

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