The historic village of Tignano was designed as a place where people can feel as comfortable as if in their own living rooms and as not as tourists, the true spirit of hospitality. We understand and try to interpreted the breath of life energy that Tignano spreads naturally, reaching the hearts of those who are willing to accept it.


The light here has healing effects, which infuses beneficial, relaxing properties and makes the eyes regain a feeling of softness and clarity. Thus, the three gateways: mind, body and spirit, which are closely related, harmoniously take you in a more positive direction of vital and creative life energy.

We try to help this process of holistic wellness, creating and proposing activities in various disciplines, all aimed at achieving personal growth.

Here you can then choose to simply relax or participate in courses that are offered to take care of your body and your emotions and experience learning with the mutual support within a group. We offer many different types of massages, music, yoga, meditation and self-improvement courses, certain that their revelations to your human spirit will positively influence the environment in which we all live.

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