Le Api
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It is called this because during the renovations, inside the semi-collapsed kitchen wall, we found a huge beehive.

Its location made it difficult to rescue the bees, all wrapped around the queen, but after numerous attempts, thanks to the intervention of Julian, an avid beekeeper, the bees swarmed to a nearby olive tree and from there, it was possible to save this special hive.

Access to the 87 square meter apartment is located on the second floor via a staircase with a small porch. It is very bright and has three different views of the village and surrounding countryside, it showcases the light of dawn and dusk that mixes the colors on the interior walls.

The kitchen-living room is spacious, equipped with a large stone fireplace. The floor has original 800’s tile floor. It has three bedrooms, two double and all have their own bathroom.


21 September 2018



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