Il Picchio Rosso
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It is called this because during the renovations, beneath his window, was found a small “red woodpecker” not yet able to fly. The bird, among other rare species, was saved by the workers and put back into its nest.

Located in the heart of the village, this apartment of 58 square meters, like the following, overlooks the old brick yard, around which traditionally most of the country activities took place.

The apartment is reached by a short staircase, the kitchen-living room is equipped with a fireplace and the warm yellow color is reminiscent of sunny days. The two bedrooms have double beds, each is served by a private bathroom, and enjoy a splendid view over the surrounding countryside.

In the garden, a pergola of passion flowers, the flowers of almost oriental appearance, and the typical orange fruit, is for the exclusive use of the apartment.


21 September 2018



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