Le Rondini
(4+2 people)

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It is called this because among the ruins of the apartment (73 square meters), dozens of swallows were sheltered, not to be disturbed, until the end of the restructuring, doors and windows were left open and our work was accompanied by beautiful rustling overhead flights.

This apartment is housed on the ground floor of the old stables, “loggiatino” with a small terrace, slightly raised above the level of the garden.

This apartment maintains an interesting texture, walls mixed with stones and bricks, the floors were finished with the insertion of recyclable materials that create a pleasing checkerboard effect.

From the kitchen-living room with fireplace and a sofa bed, you go down two steps, passing the sleeping area, consisting of 2 double rooms with private entrance and private bathroom. In one of these rooms there is still the old oak wood and brick trough once used by animals.


21 September 2018



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