Il Salto del Gatto
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It is called this because, as an old barn (dating back to the early 1600), it contained an entire wall with an original brick grill facade; this particular component was used to ventilate the hay in Volterra that was called “jumping cat”.

The apartment is 80 square meters, it is on the second floor and accessed from a private terrace of 22 sq meters with a large kitchen-living room, fireplace and an original 1600s tiled floor with the replacement tiles dating from the early 1800s.

There is also a comfortable sofa bed. The two double bedrooms have private bathrooms, one of them also has a direct entrance from the terrace, while the other large bathroom has a bathtub in art nouveau style and a shower.

The relaxing light created by the grid in the living room, spread a feeling of great wealth, due to the fact that this apartment is full of both the light of dawn and sunset.


21 September 2018



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