Dedicated to the Teachers of Peace, the village’s conference/activities hall, houses a collection of photos of those who, in the past and present, have fought to build a peaceful world: Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Daisaku Ikeda, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and many others.

Work Rooms

Immersed in the tranquility of the gardens that surround it, the 90 square meter room has been created in the old sheepfold, the sloping roof in two directions, is supported by massive chestnut beams, as well a beautiful front portico. The Hall of the Masters of Peace, is a multipurpose space in which we organize various activities that take place during the year, from yoga classes to musical performances, parties, conventions, which holds over 70 people.

Available are a big plasma screen TV, various multimedia equipment, as well as mats, blankets and pillows for physical activity. To improve the acoustics, large white sails can be drawn up under the great nave ceiling. The four windows and the large arched entrance door, let in beautiful natural light, but if necessary the room can be easily darkened by special heavy curtains.

The Hall also has a private bathroom, and a separate 15 square meter room, which can be used for other service activities, such as massages, small private meetings etc. The entire Hall area is wheelchair accessible.

The Library

Located in the heart of the Village, the Library is a common area for guests. One can find books and novels in various languages (a gifts left by previous guests), information and documentation on our region.

The room is about 35 square meters, on the ground floor, and show its beautiful cross and barrel vaults, original 15th century brick, lit by a glass door, it can also be used as a second room work, for either courses or workshops.

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